A New Era for Deployable Communications Begins

Sub U Systems launches first of its kind deployable communications solution

TURNERSVILLE, NJ – Sub U Systems (SUB-U), formerly Information Assurance Specialists, kicks-off a revolution in deployable communications for the commercial, DOD, and military markets with the introduction of the BaNkS Software Definable Networking – Appliance™ (SDN-A™). The latest addition to SUB-U’s cutting-edge portfolio of network function virtualization (NFV) appliances combines the capabilities of an “all WAN technology consuming” IP networking router, a 20 port PoE Ethernet switch, and an enterprise-class virtual machine server into a single Half Rack Width (HRW) appliance.

Funded by US NORTHCOM, the SDN-A BaNkS will significantly reduce the size, weight, power, and cost of their mobile and vehicular deployable emergency communications solutions. A single SDN-A BaNkS device can run a dozen or more virtualized network functions. These include an IP router, firewall, certificate authority, IDS/IPS, wireless controller, domain controller, file server, WAN acceleration VM, RoIP media server VMs, and even application server VMs.

SDN-A BaNkS Features:

  • Intel Xeon D CPUs, 8 core/16 thread, 12 core/24 thread, or 16 core/32 thread variants
  • (2) 10 Gigabit and (18) Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, (10) 802.3at PoE Gigabit interfaces
  • Up to three (3) built-in Cellular or Wi-Fi radios
  • (2) 5” SSD slots, up to 8TB of storage (using 2x 4TB drives)
  • Up to 128 GB of DDR4 RAM
  • Wide range 9~36VDC power input
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“Our ability to design and produce our products from the PCB up enables us to combine the functionality of three or more devices into the small, low power HRW SDN-A BaNkS,” said Keir Tomasso CTO, Sub U Systems. “Now, in full production, the BaNkS is available to all customers desiring to harness the benefits of networking function virtualization (NFV). This truly innovative product empowers our warfighters to do more with less equipment and reduces the complexity of training, logistics, and downrange maintenance.”

SUB-U has pioneered Software Definable Networking Appliance™ (SDN-A™) technology. SUB-U SDN-As, including the BaNkS, are type 1 hypervisor, hyperconverged virtualization hypervisor, and network function virtualization vendor-agnostic.  SDN-As can run most software-based IP networking function virtual machines (VMs) from Cisco, Aruba Networks, Juniper, Palo Alto Networks, and others. They can also run application virtual machine technologies such as Microsoft Windows Server, Riverbed Virtual Steelhead, and Motorola’s WAVE server and can host most commercial virtual machine hypervisors, including Cisco NFVIS, VMware ESXi, Nutanix, Linux KVM, IAS ROS and others.

“We are excited to bring the BaNkS to market for customers supporting small teams of users to thousands of users. The BaNkS allows DoD programs of record, such as the US Army’s T2C2, Expeditionary Signal Battalion-Enhanced (ESB-E), and USMC’s NOTMO to leverage a single appliance across small, medium and heavy use cases,” said Jen Wallin, Director of Business Development, SUB-U.

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About SUB-U

The Sub U Systems (formerly IAS) team draws on decades of secure communications industry tenure. We have deep working knowledge of legacy Type 1 NSA Certified deployable communications solutions technology, and we are experts in the design and use of Commercial Solutions for Classified solutions.  

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