About Us

Custom Information Security Solutions for Military and Government

The Sub U Systems (formerly IAS) team draws on more than two decades of secure communications industry tenure. We have deep working knowledge of the legacy Type 1 NSA Certified solutions technology, as well as the pros and cons of Type 1 or CSfC technology at the tactical edge. IAS pulls on our deep knowledge of customer pain points, and nearly two decades of experience in the secure IP networking space, to support our customers. The experience we have obtained is invaluable, granting IAS a full-spectrum understanding of COMSEC and INFOSEC technologies, IP networking and the most pressing communications issues confronting military and government personnel today.

  • Lack of communication with the end user – Identifying real needs and requirements beforehand leads to better choices in the design engineering and product development processes
  • Tunnel vision – Engineers tend to focus only on their piece of the communication puzzle and fail to look beyond their silos to see how components work together to best serve the customer’s given situation
  • Support – Once the product sale has been completed, there was little-to-no post-sale user communication, limited ongoing support and no feedback loop that would have served to improve products and solutions for future iterations

Filling the Void in the Information Security Industry

Keeping these fundamental goals in mind, Keir Tomasso created IA Specialists, where client communication before, during and after development and deployment is always paramount. Since its inception in 2008, IAS, now Sub U Systems, has repeatedly out-engineered and out-performed our perceived competitors in the executive and first-in communicators technology sector.

Clients come to us because they can get exactly what they need: custom and semi-custom secure communication products and NSA CSfC solutions that are consistently superior in performance, flexibility, size, weight and value.

Sub U Systems (formerly IAS) has come to be known as Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) experts, having the only two dual VPN Gateway in single device form factors that are NSA CSfC Component List listed (The STEW and KG-RU) that are turnkey and ready for fielding with no guesswork.