About Us

The Sub U Systems team draws on decades of secure communications industry tenure

We have deep working knowledge of legacy Type 1 NSA Certified deployable communications solutions technology, and we are experts in the design and use of Commercial Solutions for Classified solutions. 

We know the pros and cons of Type 1 or CSfC technology at the tactical edge, and we pull on our deep knowledge of customer pain points and decades of experience in the secure IP networking space to support our customers. The experience we have obtained is invaluable, granting SUB-U a full spectrum understanding of COMSEC and INFOSEC technologies, computing and IP networking, and the most pressing austere location communications issues confronting military and government personnel every day.

Our Tenets of Success:

Constant, Ongoing Customer Communication

Identifying customers’ real needs and requirements beforehand leads to better choices in the design engineering and product development processes.

A Holistic Approach To Product Design and Development

Engineers that look outside of their product development effort and look at the customer's overall system or solution requirements.

White Glove Pre &
Post-Sales Support

Once a product or solution has been delivered, the SUB-U team works shoulder to shoulder with you to ensure success is achieved.

Filling the Void in the Commercial Solutions
for Classified User Community

Keeping these fundamental goals in mind, where client communication before, during, and after development and deployment is always paramount, we have become the technology leader in the CSfC application space. Since its inception in 2008, Information Assurance Specialists, now Sub U Systems, has repeatedly out-engineered and out-performed competitors in the executive and first-in communicators deployable communications solutions technology sector.

Clients come to us because they can get EXACTLY what they need

Custom and semi-custom secure communication products and NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified Comprised Solutions that are consistently superior in performance, flexibility, size, weight, and value. Sub U Systems has come to be known as Commercial Solutions for Classified experts, having the only dual VPN Gateway in single device CSfC Comprised Solutions appliances that have obtained ATOs, and that are turnkey, ready for fielding with no guesswork.

Program Involvement

Over the last 13 years, Sub U Systems has supported many governments and military customers’ requirements for small quantities of highly customized communications solutions to large quantities of standard offerings.

Over our company history we, and our customers, have benefited from the ever-evolving various rapid prototyping technologies. From additive materials (3D printing) to the use of lasers cutting instead of machining stamping materials, to the proliferation of low run/high complexity PCB contract manufacturers SUB-U leverages all capabilities to provide customers the most leading-edge technologies, products, and production quantities to meet their mission requirements.

SUB-U has the ability to support programs that require tens, hundreds, thousands, and even tens of thousands of deliverables per year. As an example, just one of SUB-U’s PCB contract manufacturers produces more than 40,000 high complexity PCBs per year. This allows us to meet ANY customer requirement, no matter how large or small the quantities are. SUB-U performs ALL final assembly and test in-house, ensuring that each and every device or solution that leaves our facility meets our stringent quantity requirements. This mindset has yielded excellent product quality results over the last decade-plus, and we intend for this to continue going forward.

Many of SUB-U’s customers are very special and do not like to be spoken of publicly, but SUB-U is able to provide customer references and past performance upon request when approved by the customer(s).

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