Leading Edge CSfC Solutions Being Deployed Across Government and Military Programs

The DISN Enterprise Classified Travel Kit Gateway (DECTK-GW) program supports DoD customers by providing classified voice and data services via small, rapidly deployable devices through any internet connection, anywhere in the world.

DISA’s DECTK-Gateway provides the infrastructure termination point for approved deployable communications kits, eliminating the burden of building and sustaining a private head-end infrastructure. Instead, you only need to procure the edge communications kits.

DECTK-GW supports Type 1 COMSEC termination today, with plans for future support of NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) termination.


We offer three deployable communications kits approved for use within the program, STEW-R, STEW, and CCESR-2C. All three are JITC tested, and DoD DISA UC APL listed as approved DOD Secure Communications Devices (DSCD).

Our DECTK kits can leverage Ethernet, Wi-Fi, SATCOM and Cellular networks to securely connect to the internet, and then to SIPRNet.


Our STEW products incorporate an IAS Router and a Cisco Router (both of which are NSA CSfC APL listed) in a single device. They can be used with a Type 1 COMSEC device or without in CSfC mode. These kits are great options should you want to migrate to CSfC when the DECTK-GW program supports it.


  • One (1) IAS Router and One (1) Cisco 5915 Router
  • Fits into a laptop bag
  • Weighs less than seven (7) pounds
  • Accessible cellular modem SIM slots
  • Built-in battery and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) logic

SUB-U Datasheets: STEW-R      STEW

DISA Datasheets: STEW-R      STEW


The CCESR-2C is the first and only appliance that contains two (2) Cisco 5915 routers, designed for use with a Type 1 COMSEC device. The CCESR-2C is a small device, roughly the size of a ream of paper and weighs less than five pounds. It has an internal battery and uninterruptable power supply (UPS) that provides over one hour run time.


  • Two (2) Cisco 5915 Routers
  • Strong red/black network EMI isolation
  • Weighs less than five (5) pounds
  • Dirty DC to regulated DC subsystem in support of providing clean, regulated power to external devices

SUB-U Datasheets: CCESR-2C

DISA Datasheets: CCESR-2C

You can find more information on the DISA DECTK-Gateway program and the DISA StoreFront for termination support at