Machine To Machine & Industrial IoT

Our customers conduct business from offshore oil rigs and cargo ships to factory floors and speeding trains. We understand your pain points are unique, which is why we will tailor firmware or hardware solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Our Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) IP networking appliances allow you to extend your network to industrial, hazardous, or remote locations. With built-in Wi-Fi and cellular radio options, they enable remote access to secure, voice, data, and video services over commercial network technologies such as Ethernet, 4G/LTE/5G Cellular, Wi-Fi, and SATCOM.

Built rugged to operate in harsh, edge-of-network operating environments, SUB-U solutions can withstand operation in extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration, while providing enterprise-class performance in low size, weight, and power (SWaP) appliances. They can easily integrate into your existing network infrastructure and provide critical end-to-end security to protect your data against cyber threats.

EC Solutions

Our Executive Communications (EC) routers, switches, video transcoders, radio gateways, and power supplies are designed from the PCB component up to meet the shock, vibration, and temperature levels required to operate in the harshest environments.

The SUB-U EC devices currently available include:

  • Cisco® Embedded Service Router 6300 EC
  • Cisco® Embedded Service Switch 3300 EC
  • Sub U Systems SDN-A™ EC
  • Sub U Systems PSU/UPS EC
  • Cradlepoint IBR900 EC
  • Haivision Kraken EC
  • JPS Interoperability RoIP Gateway EC

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