Custom Design

Our product line is proof that change is the only real constant.

Since our formation as IAS in 2008, we have developed our IP networking and communications solutions from the PCB and firmware up. Doing so allows us to produce solutions that are the smallest, lowest power, and most reasonably priced in the market. It also allows us to deliver technology that is years ahead of competing offerings.

Commercial, government, and military clients call on us for custom products and solutions that include:

  • Software-Definable Network Appliances
  • Hyper small, enterprise compute appliances
  • Tactical edge-of-network solutions
  • NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) technology

Our product design engineering experience and proven track record speak for themselves. We have more custom-designed CSfC solutions than any other company in the world.

We are passionate about building technology that meets the unique situational demands of executive and first-in communicators. We leverage our design engineering agility and strong intellectual property to design, develop, and produce new products, often in 180 days or less.

Whether you need a modification to an existing product or something entirely new, we deliver a solution that meets ALL your requirements. We welcome the challenge and aim to surpass your expectations!

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