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IAS Announces Company Name Change to Sub U Systems

TURNERSVILLE, NJ., July 7, 2020 – Information Assurance Specialists, Inc (IAS) has announced that the company will begin operating under a new name, Sub U Systems.

The company incorporated in 2008 as an information assurance product design consulting firm for US DoD customers. Since then, they’ve evolved into a leading manufacturer of deployable tactical edge-of-network route, switch, and computing technology for commercial, government, and military use.

IAS has achieved recognition for designing and producing the smallest, highest performing secure communications products and solutions in the market. The rebranding to Sub U Systems reflects both the company’s evolution and the innovative products and solutions the company delivers.

Sub U Systems refers to the company’s products being smaller than traditional 1 Rack Unit (1RU) IT equipment. Sub U System’s products are Sub 1U (<1) in size yet offer equal to or in most cases, many times greater performance levels.

The company’s product line includes:

“We built our company on innovative thinking, challenging what is possible, and working hard and smartly to design and develop technology that others couldn’t or wouldn’t. These fundamentals will carry on with Sub U Systems,” said Keir Tomasso, Founder, Sub U Systems.

Customers, vendors, and partners will find no change in the cutting-edge products and services offered, obtaining quality customer service, or conducting business under the new business identity.

The new name is effective immediately and is accompanied by a new company logo and website ( The company’s ownership and dedicated team have not changed. Additional implementation of the rebrand across the company’s product and services will continue throughout the remainder of 2020.

If customers have any questions or concerns regarding the name change, they may contact Sub U Systems at or 202.640.2623.