Incident / Emergency Response

Emergency Response  

Today’s public safety and emergency responders face an ever-increasing variety of challenges and secure, reliable communication during a crisis is essential to address situations quickly and decisively. SUB-U emergency response solutions enable robust, secure, and readily available voice, data and video communications connectivity to all first responders, no matter the location or the emergency. EMS personnel can access hospitals, doctors and sensitive patient information databases to provide critical life-saving care. Law enforcement can share real-time audio or video feeds between members of their own department and other agencies. Fire service personnel can quickly access mapping tools to improve situational awareness.

SUB-U offers products that enable secure voice, data, and video services over commercial network technologies including 3G/4G LTE and FirstNet cellular, Wi-Fi, Satellite Communications (SATCOM), and radios. Our solutions offer enterprise-class performance within rugged, compact, and lightweight appliances that are easy to use, cost-effective, and robust enough to withstand use in austere locations and harsh environments.

Mobile Broadband Kits (MBK)

We offer Mobile Broadband Kits that are small, lightweight, and single-person portable. They are low cost, grab-and-go, networking solutions for small teams of users who need Internet connectivity for applications such as disaster relief, field hospitals, wildfire operations, search and rescue, and tactical operations centers. SUB-U MBKs enable secure connectivity to commercial cellular 4G & 5G and FirstNet and Verizon Frontline public safety cellular networks.


Recommended for up to 25 users


Recommended for up to 100 users

SUB-U MBK900 2.0

Recommended for up to 25 users


Recommended for up to 150 users


The SCOUT IP Router combines enterprise-class IP networking capabilities and military-grade security functionality to ensure critical and sensitive data is kept secure as it is transported over public networks. To ensure the end-to-end security of your communications and data, the SCOUT runs our robust, high-performance, secure Sub U Systems Router Operating System (SUB-U ROS) that offers NSA grade encryption that is FIPS-140-2 validated.


User-friendly, “plug-and-play” operation
Enterprise-level cybersecurity and network performance
Rugged, small, portable form factor
Web-based GUI allows non-technical users to set up and operate with ease

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