Information Assurance Specialists Partners with Aruba Networks to Broaden Commercial Solutions for Classified Product Line

Information Assurance Specialists Inc. (IAS) has partnered with Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, to develop three new products in view of the National Security Agency’s Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program.

All three products, The IAS Router MICRO Extreme, the IAS VPN Gateway Module CLASSIC, and the IAS Converged Communications Edge Services Router-2S (CCESR-2S) implement the Aruba Networks Virtual Mobile Controller (VMC) virtual machine version of Aruba’s Mobile Controller product.

“As CSfC solutions move from the traditional enterprise campus out to mobile and tactical locations where size, weight, and power restrictions become critical, our customers have a need for purpose-built hardware solutions.  As a smaller engineering-focused company, IAS has pioneered a way to build multiple platforms around a single, certified module running Aruba’s VMC software, and our customers appreciate the flexibility this approach provides them.” Said Jon Green, Sr. Director, Security Architecture at Aruba Networks.

“I am very proud of our technical team for their work with Aruba in the development of these three new Aruba VMC based CSfC product offerings. Our ever-expanding CSfC targeted product portfolio demonstrates to the US Government and DOD customer base that IAS is the premier technology developer in support of customers’ CSfC IP networkingapplications.” Said Keir Tomasso, President of IAS.

Integrating the Aruba VMC with IAS products brings the capability of the Aruba VMC to the tactical edge of DOD and Government networks, where traditional rack mount equipment is much too large and power hungry. Additional benefits of the new IAS and Aruba Networks products include:

  • IAS Router MICRO Extreme:A small form factor enterprise class Aruba Mobile Controller, for use in applications where small size, light weight, low power and high performance are critical customer mission requirements.
  • IAS VPN Gateway Module CLASSIC: An embeddable IAS VPN Gateway Module, that offers the Aruba Mobile Controller capability, that can be integrated into 3rd party hardware applications at the PCB level and retain its NSA CSfC Component List compliance.
  • IAS CCESR-2S: IAS’s third small form factor Dual VPN Gateway/Single Device offering that targets NSA’s Multi-Site Connectivity Capability Package, where the Aruba VMC is paired with an IAS Router MICRO.
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