The one truth about IP networking technology and information security is that it is always changing. At Sub U Systems, we embrace change. We design our products with the flexibility and modularity that enables you to take full advantage of the “next” cutting-edge technology.

We are passionate about leveraging technology to meet the situational demands of executive and first-in communicators, giving you the tools to be supremely equipped, capable, and agile.

We also custom design and develop custom communications kits and ancillaries. Whether you need a modification to an existing product or something entirely new, we can deliver a solution that meets ALL of your requirements.


Our Deployable Communications Kits are modular and can scale to meet the smallest or largest customer requirements. They can leverage either traditional Type 1 COMSEC devices or are CSfC approvable.

We leverage commercial off the shelf technology whenever possible to keep your investment to a minimum. However, we also have the engineering ability to develop custom communications kits or components when required.


The Tactical Field Office (TFO) enables you to create secure wired and wireless networks in any environment. It brings robust, small form factor IT and IP networking infrastructure to field operations. The TFO is the first of its kind integrated solution that combines:

  • Tactical edge computing and storage
  • Virtualization (traditional or hyper-converged)
  • Secure IP networking (Type 1 or CSfC based)


Software Definable Network Appliances™ (SDN-A™) are software vendor-agnostic as they are entirely software programable. You can configure them to run whatever IP networking or application virtual machine(s) you require. A single hardware appliance can fill the role of several networking appliances (router, firewall, etc.) based on the software loaded.

SDN-As can run most software-based IP networking virtual machines (VMs) AND application virtual machine technologies. SDN-As are available in many form factors, from small low-power embeddable modules to 1U and 2U rack-mount appliances, and every size in between.


Our Integrated Appliances are the direct result of development efforts to meet customer-specific applications and technical requirements. They often combine technologies from multiple commercial vendors. Our integrated appliances and CSfC dual VPN Gateway appliances have no rival.


Our IP Routers provide enterprise-class performance in low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) appliances. Designed for edge-of-network and tactical applications, they are rugged and built to withstand operating in harsh environments. They offer an intuitive web-based graphical user interface (GUI) that makes configuration amazingly easy.

Our IP Routers enable secure access to voice, data, and video services over commercial network technologies, including Wi-Fi, Cellular, Wired Ethernet, SATCOM, and MANET.


Our class-leading IAS Router technology is available in a board-level embeddable module for integrators wishing to embed our IP networking router, VPN gateway, or security appliances into their device or solution.

Our VPN Gateway modules come in various power conceptions, form factor sizes, and packet processing performance levels. They are available with Router Operating Systems (ROS) from Aruba Networks, Cisco, and IAS.


Our COMSEC Ancillaries ensure your security devices have reliable power and can mount into standard IT racks. Our product line includes Replacement power supplies, COMSEC Uni-Shelves, and Quick Release Trays.


From time to time, we are asked to develop products that complement our deployable communications solutions or support the use of COMSEC devices or third party solutions. They support first-in or executive communicators and fulfill a need that was being unserved. Our product line includes Uninterruptable Power Supplies, (UPS) and Switches.