COMSEC Ancillaries

Driven by industry requests for more reliable components, less expensive solutions, and niche requirements, our COMSEC Ancillaries ensure your security devices have reliable power and can mount into standard IT racks.

Mounting points for many popular NSA certified COMSEC devices
Includes hardware (bolts & washers) required to retain COMSEC devices
Supports mounting most SUB-U appliances


Our unique COMSEC device shelving solutions enable you to rigidly mount various Type 1 COMSEC devices within a standard 1U or 2U IT rack space. They support the retention of several vendors’ COMSEC products, allowing large organizations to inventory a single shelf for several products or applications.

The COMSEC Uni-Shelf supports the following devices:

  • (2) General Dynamics KG-175D
  • (2) General Dynamics KG-175F
  • (2) General Dynamics KG-175G
  • (2) Viasat KG-250 (2 total)
  • (3) Viasat KG-250X (3 total)
  • (3) Viasat KG-250XS (3 total)
  • Most SUB-U appliances


The 2U tall variant of the COMSEC Uni-Shelf works the same as the 1U version. It is available for applications requiring additional clearance and rigidity. It also prevents a user from mounting another item directly above the COMSEC devices. The 2U shelf is compatible with the IAS quick release tray kit for General Dynamics’ KG-175D.

Mounting points for most NSA certified COMSEC devices
Supports mounting most SUB-U appliances
12.0” x 16.9” x 2U L x W x H
Weight: 5 pounds
Tool-less mounting tray design
Supports two (2) General Dynamics KG-175D units


The optional quick release tray kit for General Dynamics’ KG-175D requires no tools and allows you to install and remove the unit quickly and easily. The QRT kit includes two trays (one right and one left) and hardware for mounting the two devices.


We also offer the option of full extension slide rails for the COMSEC Uni-Shelf that allows you to access the back of your gear from the front of the rack.

Note: These accessories are NOT required if you wish to rigid mount appliances to the COMSEC 1U or 2U Uni-Shelf.

Quick access to the back of devices

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