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Sub U Systems, a pioneer in the small form factor executive communications targeted IP networking appliances market, has responded to customer requests and is launching our new Executive Communications (EC) family of appliances.

Sub U Systems, a pioneer in the small form factor executive communications targeted IP networking appliances market, has responded to customer requests and is launching our new Executive Communications (EC) family of appliances. Our EC devices enable individuals to securely telecommute back to their unclassified and classified networks, allowing them to work from home, a hotel room, a vehicle, on an airplane, or even a forward operating base. The EC products are incredibly robust, ensuring they can hold up to the rigors of being used anywhere and anytime, whether carried in a laptop bag or airdropped into a FOB.

Unlike other solutions in the market, SUB-U has been able to start the designs of the EC products from scratch! We are not tied down to legacy form factors or aging chassis systems. We designed the EC products using “let’s build the best possible devices and make no compromises” as our objective. It is for this reason that the SUB-U EC products are the smallest, lightest, and most robust small form factor communications appliance in this market segment. They have been designed from the PCB component up to meet MIL STD 810 and 461, so they can meet the shock, vibration, temperature, environmental exposure, and EMI levels required by military customers. EC products include:

Cisco® Embedded
Service Router 6300 EC

The ESR 6300 EC is the latest embeddable rugged Cisco IP networking router. The ESR 6300 continues the legacy of the Cisco MAR and ESR5915 but brings Cisco’s IOS XE operation system to the tactical edge. Featuring IOS XE, the ESR 6300 has support for most all enterprise class routing capabilities, many tactical/military/edge of network capabilities, (RAR, EIGRP, etc.) but adds Cisco’s class leading SD-WAN technology. The ESR 6300 EC offers (2) routed and (4) switched Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and all (4) switched interfaces offer 802.3at PoE. The ESR 6300 is so small you can literally place it in a pair of pants pockets, weighing approx. 1 lb., and know that it is robust enough that if you happen to drop it the unit would still work! The Cisco ESR 6300 EC is the world’s smallest and lightest Cisco ESR 6300 in the tactical/deployable communications market!

Cisco® Embedded
Service Switch 3300 EC

The ESS 3300 EC brings Cisco’s Catalyst Layer 2/3 ethernet switching capabilities to the EC product family. The ESS 3300 EC offers (10) Ethernet interfaces, (2) 10G and (8) 1G, and 802.3at PoE+ support. Amazingly, SUB-U engineers were able to fit all (10) Ethernet interfaces into the standard EC form factor, making the ESS 3300 EC the world’s smallest and lightest enterprise-class Ethernet switch in the tactical/deployable communications market!

Sub U Systems EC SDN-A™

The SUB-U EC SDN-A brings Virtualized Networking Functions (VNFs) to the EC product family. The EC SDN-A offers support for virtually any bare metal hypervisor technology, and VNFs from companies such as Cisco, Aruba (A Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company), Juniper, 128 Technologies, Palo Alto Networks, Xiplink, and many others. The EC SDN-A supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G cellular, and SATCOM WAN transport technologies and Ethernet and Wi-Fi LAN transport technologies. Now you can run your virtualized networking functions vendor of choice on a device small and light enough to hold in the palm of your hand, yet with enough processing power to support hundreds of Mbps of throughput The EC SDN-A offers (5) Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

Sub U Systems EC PSU/UPS

The SUB-U EC Power Supply/Uninterruptible Power Supply makes using the family of EC appliances even easier and more robust. Offering support for either wide range AC or wide range DC input, the EC PSU/UPS provides (4) filtered and isolated 24VDC regulated power outputs that are backed up with UPS logic and an internal battery. It offers the unique ability to use larger capacity batteries with an external battery connector when a user seeks more runtime than what the integral user serviceable 16340 cells offer. The EC PSU/UPS is fully programmable for different battery chemistries, rates and output voltages.

EC Haivision Kraken

SUB-U and Haivision have partnered to bring the robust video transcoding capabilities of Haivision’s Kraken into the EC appliance form factor. Haivision’s Kraken video transcoder firmware runs on the SUB-U hardware natively, eliminating potential hypervisor bottlenecking or instability. The marriage of SUB-U hardware and Haivision Kraken has yielded a video transcoder product that has no rival!

JPS Interoperability RoIP Gateway EC

SUB-U and JPS Interoperability have joined forces to develop a radio gateway for use in the EC product family. The RoIP Gateway EC leverages JPS’s decades of radio gateway experience. During that time they have fielded thousands of units. The RoIP Gateway EC offers support for both audio and RS232 interfaces per radio. More details on this product will be coming soon. 


The SDN-A™ EC BaNkS, combines the capabilities of an “all WAN technology consuming” IP networking router, an 8 port Ethernet switch (with 4 802.3at PoE ports), and an enterprise-class virtual machine server into a single Executive Communications (EC) form factor appliance. A single SDN-A BaNkS device is capable of hosting a dozen or more Virtualized Networking Functions (VNFs) or virtualized application servers. VNFs can include IP routers, firewalls, certificate authorities, IDS/IPSs, Wi-Fi controllers, domain controllers, file servers, WAN acceleration VMs, RoIP media server VMs, and application server VMs, and many other virtualized appliances and servers. 

EC Mounting Solutions

The family of EC products are designed from the ground up to be small, lightweight, very robust, and offer support for a wide range of mounting and transport solutions. SUB-U offers mounting solutions that allow users to stack and rigidly retain 2, 3, 4, or 5 EC units on top of each other.

We also offer solutions for the EC units to be mounted side by side, yielding solutions that are slim enough to slide down into a laptop back pocket to support low visibility executive communications use cases. 

SUB-U is currently developing roller board style, IT rack mount, vehicle mount, and Aero mount chassis systems that will allow for multiples of EC units to be mounted, retained, and transported (available Mid 2022, collecting customer requirements presently). 

As a result of their amazingly small size, the chassis systems will retain more appliances than any other industry offerings. Customers who need to support 3, 4, or more networks will be able to fit in a single overhead stowable roller board!

We also offer mounting solutions for the General Dynamics KG-175N and Viasat KG-250XS HAIPE devices, COTS Cradlepoint IBR900, Cobham VoIP phone, and many other 3rd party non-EC peripherals.


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