Integrated Appliances/Solutions ​

By leveraging best-of-breed technologies, our integrated appliances and solutions solve challenging IP networking and communications problems for unique applications requiring stringent size, weight, and power constraints.

Some applications require solutions that go beyond current off-the-shelf offerings, and we are always up for the challenge. Our integrated solutions directly result from development efforts where customer requirements and/or funding were provided, to support the customers’ unique applications and technical requirements. They often combine our hardware and software solutions with those of our industry partners such as Aruba, Cisco, Epiq Solutions, RIVA Networks, JPS Interoperability, and several others.

We leverage our 13 years of history and experience designing and building solutions from the PCB and/or firmware up to deliver tightly integrated solutions to meet the most stringent size, weight, power, performance, and security specifications.

Our integrated solutions address a myriad of applications, including:

We design our solutions from the PCB and firmware up, which allows us to deliver custom, integrated solutions to meet your exact requirements. We enjoy product development and pride ourselves on offering the most forward-leaning technology solutions.

Don’t see exactly what you are looking for? If you have unique requirements, have a need for a device or solution that you can’t seem to find an acceptable solution for, or a technology solution you are interested in integrating into SUB-U products, please contact us at [email protected].

SDN-A technology paired with Cisco ESR (Embedded Services Router) in one appliance
Rugged machined aluminum enclosure design with built-in battery
Approved for use in DECTK-GW program
CSfC Comprised Solutions or with Type 1 HAIPE devices


The STEW-R is a dual router/VPN gateway appliance that incorporates an SDN-A and a Cisco Embedded Service Router (ESR) in a single device, designed for use in the NSA CSfC program or with traditional Type 1 HAIPE devices. The STEW-R is based on the proven, fielded legacy IAS STEW product with several product enhancements.

Additionally, the STEW-R is approved for use in the DISA DECTK-GW Program for Executive Communicators.


The SDN-A 2S is another first-of-its-kind solution. It incorporates two (2) SDN-A MICRO devices within a small, extremely rugged, and high-performance appliance. The flexibility of the SDN-A 2S in various application use cases is unlike any other deployable communications solution in the market, The SDN-A 2S has been designed to support the use of Type 1 cryptographic devices or can be used within the NSA CSfC program in support of several Capability Packages.

Rugged machined aluminum enclosure
CSfC Comprised Solutions or with Type 1 HAIPE devices
Multi-gigabit dual VPN tunneling performance
Hard mounting ports for Type 1 HAIPEs, VoIP phones, wireless routers, etc.
Tri-radio mode with two 5GHz and one 2.4GHz radio (4X4 MIMO)
802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) up to 5.37 Gbps, BLE support
Instant (Controller-less) or Mobility Controller Modes
MIL-STD 810, Do-160 Flight certified and IP68 Ruggedization

Aruba R-AP 555

The creation of the SUB-U Rugged Aruba AP 555 is based on a partnership between SUB-U and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. SUB-U has ruggedized the Aruba AP 555 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 Access Point by developing a new environmentally robust enclosure, and hardened internal electronics, to meet DO-160 flight qualification and MIL-STD-810 levels of ruggedization.


The Sub U Systems Rugged Compute Airborne Solution (RuCAS) is a purpose-built appliance designed from the ground up for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft applications that contains (7) Intel® servers, that are interconnecting internally over multiple 10-gigabit interfaces. The RuCAS is the ultimate tactical cloud compute appliance with up to 112 cores, 224 threads, 866GB of RAM, 56TB of NVME storage; designed from scratch to support extremely harsh operating environments. The RuCAS is the first of its kind DO-160 flight-qualified and meets MIL-STD-810, and MIL-STD-461. In addition to airborne applications, the RuCAS can be deployed in ground and maritime, manned and unmanned, platforms.

The RuCAS contains seven (7) SUB-U Software Definable Network–Appliance™ (SDN-A™) modules. Each SDN-A module can be configured with one or more software based virtualized network function (VNF) or host application server virtual machine appliances.

A single RuCAS can contain every networking function required to meet one or multiple NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) data in transit Capability Packages. This unique capability makes the RuCAS the first “single box” complete CSfC infrastructure solution. The solution is rugged, low SWaP, and provides enterprise-class performance.

The RuCAS appliance is available with traditional MIL-STD 38999 connectors for airborne and extremely rugged applications, or standard 10G Base-T RJ45 interfaces for interoperability with other COTS equipment.

Contains (7) Intel® processors, up to Xeon® D 16 core/32 thread CPUs, each with 128GB of RAM, NVME drives, and (8) 10G 10Gbase T interfaces per each of the (7) processor
NIPR/SIPR secure wireless network infrastructure
MIL-STD 38999 connectors or 10G Base-T RJ45 interfaces
NSA CSfC Mobile Access, Multi-Site, and CWLAN

Mobile Broadband Kits

MBK 900, MBK 900 2.0, MBK 1700, MBK R1900 and PWC-900

Sub U Systems’ Mobile Broadband Kit (MBK) offerings support small teams who need Internet connectivity over 4G & 5G cellular whenever and wherever they work. The MBKs and PWC-900 are small, lightweight, single-person portable, mobile broadband communications solutions that use 4G & 5G cellular technology. MBKs offer support for both commercial cellular LTE carriers, Verizon Frontline, and FirstNet public safety access LTE cellular service.

SUB U MBK 900 2.0

Recommended for up to 25 users

802.11ac Wi-Fi radio (up to 128 devices)
Smaller, lighter, and lower cost than the original MBK 900
Cradlepoint IBR900 wireless router
Lightweight at < 10lbs


Recommended for up to 150 users

SUB-U’s First 5G MBK offering
Contained within a very small Pelican Vault 200 case
Office Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax
Offered with COTS Li-Ion battery or Military inventory batteries

SUB-U Person Wearable Cradlepoint 900

Recommended for up to 10 users

Works with Military Style twist-lock radio PRC 148/152 batteries
Perfect for “Jump in” military and incident response applications
802.11ac Wi-Fi radio
Lightweight at < 4lbs


Recommended for up to 25 users

802.11ac Wi-Fi radio (up to 128 devices)
CubeSat/UAS Data Links
Cradlepoint IBR900 wireless router
Lightweight at < 13lbs


Recommended for up to 100 users

802.11ac Wi-Fi radio (up to 128 devices)
802.11ac Wi-Fi radio (up to 192 devices)
Lightweight at <16lbs
Pelican 1485 Rugged Fiber Case

Haivision Kraken Ultra LITE, MICRO, and HRW MICRO appliances

Our Software Definable Networking – Appliances™ (SDN-A™) are high-performance, software programmable networking and computing solutions that combine the functionality of an IP router, network security appliance, and virtual machine (VM) server. We have partnered with Haivision to bring their best-of-breed niche video transcoder technology onto several of our SDN‑As for tactical, edge-of-network applications.

Haivision is a technology leader of hardware and software-based video encoder and transcoder solutions for commercial and military applications. The SDN-A Ultra LITE and SDN-A EC run Haivision’s Kraken natively on our hardware for best performance in low power applications. Whereas the SDN-A MICRO and HRW SDN-A MICRO run Kraken as a virtual machine, side by side with other user-defined virtual networking functions that may be required.

Haivision Ultra LITE

Haivision EC

Haivision MICRO

Haivision HRW MICRO


SUB-U has teamed with Epiq Solutions to deliver highly secure SDN-Appliances with Epiq’s Sidekiq embedded software-defined radio (SDR) and software-defined transceiver (SDTR) technology. This marriage of software definable appliance with software definable radios allows users to develop man different interesting solutions that may survey or transmit RF from a robust compute platform.


Composed of the SDN-A MICRO and RIVA’s base station transceiver(s), Cyber VauLTE™ performs as a private tactical cellular bubble. The Cyber VauLTE™ is the smallest military-grade, deployable cellular network solution available today. Additionally, it securely long-hauls voice and data using CNSA (Suite B) IPSec, to another private cellular bubble or back to a headquarters location for termination into the PSTN and Internet.

Supports 4G and 5G technologies
Based on SUB-U’s SDN-A technology, allowing multiple virtual networking functions to run on a single appliance paired with the 4G and/or 5G cellular base station radio(s).
Simultaneous active users - 32 per Access Point Module

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