Power Supplies

SUB-U has designed and produced robust AC and DC power supplies for deployable communications equipment and NSA Type 1 Encryptors for over a decade, with thousands of units fielded globally.

Wide Range Dirty DC input, DC 9-32 VDC
(4) – 12 or 24 VDC outputs, up to 150 watts total output
Wide Range Dirty AC input, AC - 85-264VAC, 50/60Hz
Built in rechargeable Li-Ion, user field serviceable, 16340 batteries

EC Power Supply Unit/UPS

The SUB-U EC Power Supply Unit with Uninterruptible Power Supply logic appliance has been designed for use with the new Sub U Systems Executive Communications product family or as a stand-alone product. The EC PSU/UPS has been designed to consume either 85 ~ 265VAC or 9-32VDC and provides filtered and isolated 24VDC across 4 outputs. The EC PSU/UPS also offers a built-in Li-Ion “hold up” battery.

The EC PSU/UPS 22wh of Li-Ion battery capacity built-in, using (8) user field servable 16340 cells. Should more battery capacity be desired the EC PSU/UPS uniquely offers the ability to be used with user-supplied external battery or batteries to extend a user’s runtime to meet their overall runtime/uptime battery power requirements (i.e. 2590 or PCR 152 battery). The EC PSU/UPS logic is fully programmable to support external batteries of different formulations. With an operating temperature of -40 ~ +85C the PSU/UPS-EC is a truly tactical, pocket-sized, PSU/UPS unlike any other.

AJ Power Source HRW PSU/UPS PG400

The AJ Power Source HRW PSU/UPS PG400 is designed and produced by AJ Power Source, a leader in military/industrial rugged power supplies and UPS products. For customers seeking a HRW power supply for use within the Tactical Field Office or as a stand-alone device the HRW PSU/UPS PG400 consumes both wide range dirty AC and dirty DC, offers an uninterruptible power supply capability, and provides eight (8) filtered and isolated 24VDC outputs with 500 watts of power.

The AJ Power Source HRW PSU/UPS PG400’s innovative use of one or more external batteries allows users to “right-size” the battery for their solution and their desired runtime, without burdening the user with more battery weight or size than they require, and prevents not having enough power to support their required runtime. The AJ Power Source HRW PSU/UPS PG400 can be used with a wide array of external lithium-Ion cells batteries (i.e. 2590(s) or PCR 152 battery, using custom cables).

Power Supply Unit

The Sub U Systems Half Rack Width 1.2-Kilowatt power supply unit is a small, rugged, high output power supply designed for use within the Tactical Field Office or as a stand-alone device. Consuming dirt wide range power from 85~264VAC, 50-60Hz or 120~300VDC, the HRW 1.2Kw PSU features eight (8) individually filtered and isolated 150 watt 12 or 24VDC outputs. The HRW 1.2Kw PSU offers an operating range of -20 ~ +70C, making it robust enough to provide power in even the most austere location and operational environment.

Replacement Power Supplies For General Dynamics® KG-175 Variants

Reliable power is critical to ensure your COMSEC device works when you need it. SUB-U has developed replacement power supplies for Type 1 HAIPE encryptors do just that. With thousands of units fielded, and not a single failure to date, you can rely on SUB-U to keep you operational. Quantities of KG-175 power suppliers are kept in stock for immediate shipment.

SUB-U Failover Adapter For General Dynamics KG-175 Variants

The Sub U Failover Adapter provides extra peace of mind that your General Dynamics KG-175 A/B/D/G HAIPE device will remain powered and online.

How it works: The Failover Adapter gets plugged into the desired General Dynamics KG-175 device and gets powered by two power supplies. If one power supply were to fail, the device will remain powered, thanks to the Failover Adapter’s ability to automatically switch to the second power supply. You can use the Sub-U Failover Adapter with either General Dynamics KG-175 OEM power supplies or Sub-U’s ultra-reliable replacement power supplies.

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