Software Definable Network-Appliances™

Future-proof your communications hardware needs

Software Definable Network Appliances™ (SDN-A™) are highly portable, robust, software programmable communications solutions enabling access to secure, classified voice, data, and video services over a multitude of commercial network technologies (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, MANET, SATCOM, etc.) from even the most remote locations. They offer the performance of commercial enterprise-class rack-mount devices but do so in small ruggedized form factors that are durable enough to withstand the rigors of mobile and portable use, in the most austere locations.



NSA Suite A and Suite B Encryption



Enterprise-Class Performance in Portable Devices



Up to 5x More Power Efficient than Comparable Rack-Mounted Solutions



Built to Handle Extreme Environments in Austere Locations


SDN-As are virtualized networking function vendor-agnostic and utilize most all COTS Virtual Machine Hypervisors. You can configure the SDN-A’s Virtual Networking Functions (VNFs) to run whatever IP networking OR application sever virtual machine(s) you require. A single SDN-A hardware appliance can fill the role of several, to many, networking appliances based on the VNF software loaded (router, firewall, etc.). SDN-As have enough processing power, memory, and storage to run multiple virtual machines on a single piece of hardware, significantly reducing the overall size, weight, power consumption, and cost of deployable communications solutions.

Future Proof

SDN-As are available in many form factors, from small low-power embeddable PCB modules to 1U and 2U rack-mount appliances, and every size, port density and level of performance in between. In addition to supporting today’s software-based IP networking technologies, with Intel® processors up to 16 cores, 32 threads, 512Gb of RAM and 60TB of SSD storage SDN-As have enough processing power and performance for impending 5G use cases and beyond.

Intel Xeon D 8, 12 and 16 core processors
(2) 10Gigabit and (18) Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, (10) 802.3at PoE
Up to (3) built-in Cellular or Wi-Fi radios
Up to 128GB of RAM/Up to 30TB of SSD storage


The flagship SDN-A within our cutting-edge portfolio of network function virtualization (NFV) appliances, the SDN-A BaNkS, combines the capabilities of an “all WAN technology consuming” IP networking router, a 20 port PoE Ethernet switch with 10G interfaces, and an enterprise-class virtual machine server into a single Half Rack Width (HRW) appliance.

Funded by US NORTHCOM to significantly reduce the size, weight, power, and cost of their mobile and vehicular deployable emergency communications solutions, single SDN-A BaNkS device can run a dozen or more virtualized network functions. These include an IP router, firewall, certificate authority, IDS/IPS, wireless controller, domain controller, file server, WAN acceleration VM, RoIP media server VMs, and even application server VMs. It also provides Ethernet port density and Power over Ethernet rival to dedicated Ethernet switches.
The BaNkS is the one “does everything” deployable communications SDN-A appliance that stands above any other offering in the commercial or defense market. The BaNkS is a revolutionary device that is available for purchase and quick-turn shipment. Please contact us to witness the BANKS’ capabilities in a live demonstration!

SDN-A™ HRW X2100

The SDN-A HRW X2100 is our most robust Half Rack Width SDN-A appliance, offering greater processing performance and port density than COTS devices ten times its size. This SDN-A can support over a dozen appliance servers or networking function virtual (NFV) machines without breaking a sweat.

(2) 10 Gigabit SFP+, (2) 10 Gigabit RJ45 and (9) Gigabit RJ45 Ethernet interfaces
Intel Xeon D 2100 series 8, 12, and 16 core processors with Intel QAT®
Up to 512GB DDR4 RAM/NVME m.2 SSD drive support
Up to (3) built-in Cellular or Wi-Fi radios
(5) Gigabit routed Ethernet ports
Built-in 4G LTE and 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6
Intel E3950 Atom w/4Cores and 4 Threads
USB 3.0, Mini Display Port, and USB console port


The SDN-A EC (Executive Communications) offers the same capabilities as our other SDN-A, yet does so in our new super small and robust Executive Communications product family form factor. The SDN-A EC brings the SDN-A technology into a “pocket-sized” rugged form factor that can be used stand-alone or paired with our other EC product family appliances. Don’t let the SDN-A EC’s size fool you, as it is able to perform VPN tunneling well over 200 Mbps and routing and switching a gigabit line rate.


One of our most tried and true SDN-As, the SDN-A MICRO is small, extremely rugged, and high-performance appliance that has the processing power to host multiple networking functions and application server virtual machines simultaneously on its Intel Xeon® E3 processor without breaking a sweat. Optional 4G/5G cellular radios and 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 radios can be added in support of SD-WAN use cases.

The SDN-A MICRO offers VPN tunneling performance greater than 1Gbps (3Gbps when running IAS ROS) and packet processing performed on par with COTS 1U and 2U rackmount appliances. Never before has a tactical use case router appliance offer this level of enterprise-class performance.

Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, MANET, Satcom, etc
CNSA-Suite B IPSec performance/SSL VPN
CSfC/FIPS 140-Level 2Validated/NIAP Common Criteria Certified
Optional Built-In Wi-Fi Client/Access point and/or 3G/4G/5G cellular radios
Can be used with Type 1 HAIPE network encryptors
Rugged machined aluminum enclosure
Dual Intel Xeon® E3 processors
CSfC Multisite Communications dual VPN Gateway Comprised Solution


The SDN-A-2S is another first-of-its-kind solution, incorporates two (2) SDN-A MICRO devices within a small, extremely rugged, and high-performance appliance; targeted at NSA CSfC use cases.

The flexibility of the SDN-A-2S in various application/use cases is unlike any other deployable communications solution in the market. The SDN-A-2S has been designed to support the use of Type 1 cryptographic devices or can be used as a CSfC Multi-Site Communications dual VPN Gateway Comprised Solution.


The SDN-A ULTRA LITE is pocket-sized, built to IP68 level of ruggedization, and weighs just over one pound. It targets applications requiring a small SDN-A(s) that offers IP routing, switching, other virtualized networking functions, and/or the ability to run small Linux or Windows Server virtual machines. Applications include robotics, drones, unmanned vehicles, wearables, and NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) applications.

The ULTRA LITE’s aluminum IP68 rated enclosure features a single high-density connector that offers complete flexibility of interfaces that you can tailor for specific applications. Custom wire harnesses are available to meet any use case requirements, including tailor-made length, input/output signals, gender, etc. The device also offers multiple mounting points, in support of various worn and mounted applications.

Intel E3845, E3827, E3950, or E3940 multi-core processor
5 Gigabit routed Ethernet ports
Display port (4K video support)
Supports Flash memory, Micro SD, and mSATA


The SDN-A 1U brings the same capabilities and performance of the HRW SDN-A BaNks into a more traditional form factor for non-tactical applications. It is the definition of an “enterprise-class” performance offering.

NSA Suite B IPSec (IPMEIR) VPN/SSL VPN (Cisco compatible)
10/100/1000 Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n client, AP or both, 3G/4G cellular
Intel® 8, 12 and 16 core server processors designed specifically for network appliance applications
Up to (4) 10 Gigabit RJ45 and (66) Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

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