Tactical Field Office

Sub U Systems Tactical Field Office solutions (TFO) enable you to create highly scalable, secure wired and wireless networks, tactical/deployable data centers, and signal processing solutions in any environment based on the use of Half Rack Width (HRW), and traditional 1U and 2U appliances, as needed.

TFOs bring robust, small form factor HRW routers, switches, servers, network function virtualization (NFV) appliances, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) capabilities, and military and deployable communications appliances such as Radio over IP, video encoding and transcoding to field operations.

TFOs are the first of its kind integrated solution that combines:

  • Scalability to build a solution from 2U to 42U
  • Open standard HRW form factors to support multi-vendor solutions
  • Tactical edge compute and storage, paired with other IT capabilities in a single solution
  • Virtualization (traditional bare metal or hyper-converged)
  • Secure IP networking (Type 1 or CSfC based)

Modular and Scalable Design, Industry Standard Form Factor

The TFO-H consists of three major elements that are modular and can be scaled to meet the smallest or largest customer requirements:

  • Half Rack Width (HRW) appliances
  • 2U and 3U TFO Chassis Systems
  • COTS or GOTS Rack Unit (RU) transit cases

The combination of HRW appliances, TFO chassis system(s), and the “right sized” transit case yield a solution designed and configured to meet YOUR requirement. Not what or how someone else feels it should be packaged together


TFOs support a wide range of tactical edge use cases, including:

  • IP Networking and Security
  • High-density computing and Virtualization
  • Data storage
  • Secure Campus Wi-Fi (CSfC Campus Wireless LAN CP)
  • Secure CSfC Head End (CSfC MSC CP and MA CP)
  • Deployable cellular (3G, 4G, 5G)
  • Radio over IP (RoIP)
  • Video Encoding/Transcoding
  • Signal Processing

TFO Chassis System

The smallest TFO Chassis is 2U in size, with four HRW bays. A 3U variant with 6 HRW bays is available as well. Any number of 2U and 3U chassis can be used in COTS or GOTS transit case solutions to yield YOUR system.

The TFO Chassis design allows HRW appliances to be inserted and removed quickly and easily without any tools. Additionally, HRW appliances are capable of being used freestanding, outside the TFO-H chassis system, without additional docking stations or adapters. This flexibility makes impromptu scaling or solution reconfiguration a breeze.

We believe in building solutions that can adapt to any mission and scale as needed. We design solutions that allow you to leverage emerging technology without having to purchase all new equipment. We also believe in giving you choices.

To achieve this, we designed our chassis system to an open standard versus proprietary hardware form factors or chassis systems that lock you to one vendor. In fact, we are the only vendor to do so!

HRW Appliances 

HRW appliances are less than industry-standard 1 Rack-Unit (< 1U) tall, HRW (8.4 inches), and shallow depth (<12 inches). They can be mixed and matched with other HRW appliances AND traditional 1U or 2U appliances in any combination needed to meet your mission requirements.

We offer a wide range of HRW appliances. Additional options are also available from several well-known industry vendors that have designed or are designing to the HRW form factor standard.

Software Definable Network – Appliances™ (SDN-A™)

  • SUB-U HRW SDN-A™ C3000
  • SUB-U HRW SDN-A™ X2100NT

Compute Nodes/Servers

  • SUB-U HRW Xeon E3-2276ME 6C/12T 48GB RAM
  • SUB-U HRW Xeon D1541 8C/16T 128GB RAM
  • SUB-U HRW Xeon D1567 12C/24T 128GB RAM
  • SUB-U HRW Xeon D1587 16C/32T 128GB RAM
  • SUB-U HRW Xeon D2141I 8C/16T 512GB RAM
  • SUB-U HRW Xeon D2166NT 12C/24T 512GB RAM
  • SUB-U HRW Xeon D2183IT 16C/32T 512GB RAM
  • TEMPEST Level 1 variants also available

Ethernet Switches

  • SUB-U HWR Cisco ESS3300 w/PoE
  • Netgear® M4300 8x8f – 10G switch
  • Netgear® M4300 12x12f – 10G switch
  • Netgear® M4300 24x – 10G switch

IP Routers

  • SUB-U HRW Cisco® ESR6300
  • SUB-U HRW Dual Cisco® ESR6300

VoIP/VTC/Chat Servers

    • SUB-U HRW REDCOM Sigma® call controller
    • SUB-U HRW Cisco® Unified Communications Manager


Power Systems

  • SUB-U HRW PSU – AC/DC with UPS

Media Converters

  • Media Converter – SUB-U HRW Media Converter

MISC. HRW Appliances

  • Bulk Storage Appliance – SUB-U HRW Network File Storage
  • Software Definable -WAN Appliance – SUB-U HRW Cisco® Viptela & SUB-U HRW SDN-A™ devices
  • Wireless Mobility Controller – SUB-U HRW Aruba® Virtual Mobility Controller
  • Traffic Filtering Firewall – SUB-U HRW Palo Alto Network® firewall
  • Video Transcoders and Encoders – SUB-U HRW Haivision® Kraken®
  • Cellular Base Station Call Controllers – SUB-U HRW RIVA Networks
  • Radio over IP Gateways – JPS Interoperability (coming soon)
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection Appliance – SUB-U HRW Epiq Solution® Flying Fox
  • SUB-U HRW Mounting Shelf – Supports retention of various appliances smaller than 8” wide