Tactical Field Office

Sub U Systems’ Tactical Field Office (TFO) solutions enable users to create highly scalable, secure wired and wireless networks, tactical/deployable IP networking infrastructure, data centers, and signal processing solutions in any fixed or mobile “anywhere/anytime” operational environment.

TFOs leverage our robust, truly enterprise-class, small form factor Half Rack Width (HRW), Quarter Rack Width (QRW), and Executive Communications (EC) form factor Software Definable Networking-Appliances™, IP routers and switches, computer servers, and other third party HRW devices.

TFOs implement network function virtualization (NFV), hyper-converged virtualization infrastructure (HCI) capabilities, as well as other military and deployable communications targeted appliances such as Radio over IP, video encoding and transcoding, additional “anywhere/anytime” technologies. They can accommodate traditional 1U and 2U appliances, where and when customers find a larger COTS appliance to be more appropriate for their use case, but seek to reduce their size weight and power when a SUB-U appliance(s) meet the requirements better.

The TFO is the first of its kind integrated solution that combines:


Scalability to build a deployable communications solution from 2U to 42U, just as you need it to be


Compatible with traditional 1U and 2U COTS appliances, to support best of breed, best value multi-vendor solutions - Based on an open standard Half Rack Width form factors


Tactical edge router, switch, compute and storage, paired with other traditional IT and military-specific capabilities in a single person portable solution


Virtualization - traditional bare metal or hyper-converged


Secure IP networking (Type 1 or NSA CSfC) for use in multi-domain classified network implementations

Modular And Scalable Design, Open standard and Industry Standard Form Factors

The TFO-H consists of three major elements that are modular and can be scaled to meet the smallest or largest customer requirements:

Half Rack Width Open Standard

SUB-U has developed and released the Half Rack Width (HRW) standard as an Open Standard to industry. Anyone who wishes to develop to it can, even SUB-U’s competitors have access to it! HRW compliant appliances are less than industry-standard 1 Rack-Unit (< 1U) tall, half-rack width (8.4 inches), and shallow depth (<11 inches).

Tactical Field Office and HRW Appliances

The marriage of HRW appliances, COTS 1U and 2U appliances, the TFO chassis system(s), and the right-sized transit case yield a Tactical Field Office solution designed and configured to meet YOUR mission requirements, not what or how someone else feels it should be packaged together.

The TFO Chassis design allows HRW appliances to be inserted and removed quickly and easily from the TFO-H Chassis system without the use of any tools. HRW appliances are also capable of being used freestanding, outside the TFO-H chassis system, without any additional docking stations or adapters, making impromptu scaling or solution reconfiguration a breeze.

They can be mixed and matched with HRW appliances from SUB-U and other 3rd party vendors AND traditional 1U or 2U appliances in any combination needed to meet your mission requirements. HRW appliances are available from not only SUB-U but several other well-known industry vendors that have designed or are designing to the HRW form factor standard. The HRW standard offers customers choices because of the chassis system being an open standard vs. the competitors’ chassis system that locks you into their costly, sub-par performing, hardware appliance ecosystems.

The smallest TFO Chassis is just 2U in size, with four HRW bays, and a 3U TFO Chassis with 6 HRW bays is available as well. Any number of 2U and 3U chassis can be used in COTS or GOTS transit case solutions to yield YOUR system. For someone needing a highly portable TFO solution the TFO-Mini Chassis system with its carbon fiber roller board is the smallest deployable comms solution in the industry yet offers support for four HRW and 4 of the recently announced by SUB-U Executive Comms (EC) form factors.

Half Rack Width (HRW) Appliances

Open standard enterprise-class robust and rugged networking, computing, communication, and signal processing appliances that have no rival

Software Definable Network - Appliances™


Half Rack Width Compute Nodes/Servers

HRW i7
HRW Xeon® D 1500
HRW Xeon® D 2100

Half Rack Width Ethernet Switches

HRW Cisco
ESS 3300
HRW Netgear M4300
HRW Netgear M4300
HRW Netgear M4300

Half Rack Width Power Supplies

AJ Power Source Wide Range AC/DC Input PSU/UPS
HRW Wide Range AC Input 1.2kW output

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