Sub U Systems Announces The World’s Smallest Rugged Cisco® ESS 6300 IP Router And ESS 3300 Ethernet Switch

SUB-U’s new Cisco-based products are ideal for harsh environments, tactical, and executive communications applications.

Sub U Systems (SUB-U) announces two new Cisco based products to its recently launched Executive Communications (EC) family of products, the SUB-U Cisco Embedded Service Router 6300 EC (Cisco ESR 6300 EC) and the Cisco Embedded Service Switch 3300 EC (ESS 3300 EC).

Designed from the printed circuit board level up to meet the demands of military, government, and commercial edge-of-network user applications, the SUB-U ESR 6300 EC and ESS 3300 EC integrate Cisco’s battlefield-proven IP router and Ethernet switch technologies in two extremely small, rugged, and scalable appliances. Each appliance is pocket-sized, weighs less than 1.6 pounds, and measures only 1” tall by 5” wide by 7.6” long.

SUB-U Cisco ESR 6300 EC

The SUB-U EC Cisco ESR 6300 EC is a high-performance, ruggedized IP router optimized for size, weight, power, and performance (SWaP), designed to operate in harsh environments, offering reliable operation in extreme temperatures and under shock and vibration conditions that exceed typical for mobile applications in rugged terrain. It offers six Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, four of which offer 802.3at PoE. The ESR 6300 EC is based on the Cisco IOS® XE Software feature set, providing robust capabilities that include SD-WAN functionality and Cisco DNA Center support. The embedded Cisco ESR 6300 module offers significantly faster cryptographic throughput, enabling it to meet ever-increasing bandwidth demands driven by, among other requirements, the rapid growth of sensor data and streaming video in edge of network applications.

SUB-U Cisco ESS3300 EC

The SUB-U Cisco ESS 3300 EC ruggedized Ethernet switch offers two 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports, eight Gigabit Ethernet ports, and also runs Cisco’s IOS XE operating system. Cisco’s IOS XE offers the familiar Cisco CLI and web-based GUI configuration, Cisco DNA Center support, and provides the security, management, resiliency and switching features users have come to expect from enterprise class Cisco Ethernet switches. The SUB-U ESS 3300 EC supports four 802.3at PoE ports, providing enough PoE for VoIP telephones, VTC devices, and IP cameras.

The SUB-UESR6300 EC and ESS300 EC, like the Software Definable Network Appliance™ (SDN-A™) EC, offer first of its kind ambient lighting technology that provides users a quick and simple way to determine the network security classification of the device(s), thus eliminating the risk of network device security classification cross-contamination.  

“We are excited to bring our first Cisco ESR6300 and ESS3300 devices to market, especially knowing there are tens of thousands of the legacy Cisco products that will need replacement across the US Government and DoD,” said Keir Tomasso, President and CTO, Sub U Systems. “Having the smallest and most robust Cisco offerings with the ability to pair with our current and soon to be announced EC products should put us in a solid position to compete for program of record opportunities.” 

SUB-U’s EC Appliance Portfolio

The SUB-U EC family of products usher in the next generation of small, rugged IP networking and computing solutions for edge of network applications. They are designed from the ground up to meet the demands of military, government, and other industries that require extremely robust, high performance IP networking and IT functionality in the most austere of locations. SUB-U EC products are modular, interoperable, and scalable with other EC current and future EC devices to meet IP networking and edge of network communications requirements of any complexity. Additional SUB-U EC devices and accessories currently offered include:

  • Software Definable Network– Appliances™
  • 3G/4G Cellular/ 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6 wireless routers
  • Haivision Video Transcoders
  • Radio over IP Gateways
  • Power supply/uninterruptable power supplies
  • Several rigid mounting solutions to “kit up” multiple EC devices

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The Sub U Systems (formerly IAS) team draws on decades of secure communications industry tenure. We have deep working knowledge of legacy Type 1 NSA Certified deployable communications solutions technology, and we are experts in the design and use of Commercial Solutions for Classified solutions.  

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