Technical Solutions

secure & robust IP networking solutions for use in nontraditional operating environments

No matter where or what your operational environment is, our IP networking and computing solutions offer robust performance and consume surprisingly low power. We are expert IP network and compute appliance problem solvers, building our products from the PCB up, and we would love to help you with your application needs.

Commercial Solutions For Classifieds

An Industry Leader on the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified Component List

Sub U Systems is a market leader in the design, development, and implementation of software and hardware-based IP networking solutions that specifically target the National Security Agency’s (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Program.

Executive Communications Solutions

For Over 13 Years, Sub U Systems Has Produced The Smallest, Most Robost, And Easy To Use Secure IP Networking Equipment For Use In Executive Communications Applications.

No other company has developed as many customer requirements-driven, unique devices, and solutions that leverage both traditional Type 1 NSA certified encryptors and the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified program to access classified networks.

Deployable/Tactical Scalable Communications Solutions

Sub U Systems’ Tactical Field Office (TFO) solutions enable you to create highly scalable, secure wired and wireless networks, tactical/deployable data centers, tactical cloud compute nodes, and extremely high-performance signal processing solutions, in any environment.

TFOs bring robust, small form factor routers, switches, servers, network function virtualization (NFV) appliances, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) capabilities, and military and deployable communications capabilities such as Radio over IP, video encoding, and transcoding to field operations.

DISA Enterprise Classified Travel Kit Gateway (DECTK-GW)

The DISA Enterprise Classified Travel Kit Gateway (DECTK-GW) program supports DoD customers by providing classified voice and data services via small, rapidly deployable devices through any internet connection, anywhere in the world.

DISA’s DECTK-Gateway provides the infrastructure termination point for approved deployable communications kits, eliminating the burden of building, and sustaining a private head-end infrastructure. Instead, you only need to procure the edge communications kits.

Sub U Systems offers several deployable communications kits that are approved for use within the DECTK-GW program, are JITC tested, and DoD DISA UC APL listed as approved DoD Secure Communications Devices (DSCD). Our DECTK kits can leverage Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, and SATCOM networks to securely connect to the internet and then to SIPRnet. 

Custom Design

Our Product Line Is Proof That Change Is The Only Real Constant.

Sub U Systems’ product design engineering experience and proven track record speak for themselves. We are passionate about building technology that meets the unique situational demands of executive and first-in communicators, as well as those who need IP networking and IT resources in nontraditional austere locations. We leverage our design engineering agility and strong intellectual property to design, develop, and produce new products, often in 180 days or less.

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