Deployable/ Tactical Scalable Communications Solutions

We believe in building solutions that can adapt to any mission and scale as needed. Our deployable communications solutions are modular and designed for individual users or small teams or and can scale up to support thousands of users. They enable you to set up secure, multi-enclave, unclassified and classified networks within minutes, even in austere locations, in the harshest environments.

We design our solutions with the flexibility to deploy best of breed technologies for today’s mission with the flexibility to leverage emerging technology without having to purchase all new equipment. We also believe in giving you choices.

To achieve this, we design our chassis systems to an open standard versus proprietary hardware form factors or chassis systems that lock you to one vendor. In fact, we are the only vendor to do so!

Tactical Field Office (TFO)

Sub U Systems Tactical Field Office solutions (TFO) enable you to create scalable, secure wired and wireless networks, tactical/deployable data centers, and signal processing solutions in any environment based on the use of Half Rack Width (HRW), and traditional 1U and 2U appliances, as needed. The TFO and TFO-Mini solutions are modular and scalable transit case solutions designed to meet the smallest or largest customer requirements.

TFO Chassis Systems retain:

  • Half Rack Width (HRW) route, switch, compute, power, & Software Definable Network Appliances™ (SDN-A™)
  • Third Party HRW RoIP, video transcoder, video wall controllers, power supply/UPS devices, etc.
  • Military Radios, satellite modems, and many other military focused communications devices/appliances

The smallest TFO Chassis is 2U in size, with four HRW bays. A 3U variant with 6 HRW bays is available as well. Any number of 2U and 3U chassis can be used in COTS or GOTS transit case solutions to yield YOUR system.

Half Rack Width (HRW) Appliances

HRW appliances are less than industry-standard 1 Rack-Unit (< 1U) tall, HRW (8.4 inches), wide and shallow depth (< 12 inches). They can be mixed and match with other HRW appliances AND traditional 1U or 2U appliances in any combination needed to meet your mission requirements. 

We offer a wide range HRW appliances. Additional options are also available from several well-known industry vendors that have designed or are designing to the HRW form factor standard.

EC Solutions

SUB-U’s Executive Communications (EC) product family consists of small, low-profile appliances that can be used individually or paired with other EC appliances as part of assembling a truly scalable executive communications capability.

SUB-U Executive Communications (EC) devices currently offered:

  • Software Definable Network – Appliances™
  • Cisco® routers & VPN gateways
  • Cisco® Ethernet switches
  • Juniper SD-WAN solutions
  • Power supply/uninterruptable power supplies
  • High performance compute (Intel® Xeon D and C3000)
  • Low power/high CPU core NVIDIA based appliances for AI and machine learning applications
  • Aruba Mobility controllers
  • Haivision video transcoders
  • Radio over IP appliances
  • Cellular/wireless routers

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