Executive Communications Solutions

Turnkey solutions for secure access to classified networks over commercial from even the most remote locations

Sub U Systems produces the smallest, most robust, and easy-to-use secure IP networking equipment for Executive Communications applications. Our Executive Communications solutions are customer requirements-driven, resulting in turnkey solutions that enable access to secure, classified voice, data, and video services over commercial networks including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G/5G Cellular, SATCOM, and MANET. Within a matter of minutes, you can securely access classified networks remotely in an office, residence, hotel room, vehicle, aircraft, etc.

Our Executive Communications solutions support both Traditional Type 1 NSA certified encryptors and the NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) program to access classified networks anywhere, anytime.

EC Solutions

SUB-U’s Executive Communications (EC) product family consists of small, low-profile appliances that can be used individually or paired with other EC appliances as part of assembling a truly scalable executive communications capability.

SUB-U Executive Communications (EC) devices currently offered:

  • Software Definable Network – Appliances™
  • Cisco® routers & VPN gateways
  • Cisco® Ethernet switches
  • Juniper SD-WAN solutions
  • Power supply/uninterruptable power supplies
  • High performance compute (Intel® Xeon D and C3000)
  • Low power/high CPU core NVIDIA based appliances for AI and machine learning applications
  • Aruba Mobility controllers
  • Haivision video transcoders
  • Radio over IP appliances
  • Cellular/wireless routers


The DISN Enterprise Classified Travel Kit Gateway (DECTK-GW) program enables a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to the US DOD Secret IP Router Network (SIPRNet) via rapidly deployed portable solutions using virtually any internet connection anywhere in the world. The DECTK-GW gateway provides access to classified voice calls through DISA’s Enterprise Classified Voice over IP service.

The DECTK-GW gateway provides access to classified data network. We offer three deployable communications kits approved for use within the program. The STEW-R, STEW, and CCESR-2C. All three are JITC tested and DoD DISA JC APL listed as approved DoD Secure Communications Devices (DSCD).

Additional SUB-U DECTK kits based on next-generation Cisco IOS-XE and SUB-U Software Definable Network Appliance™ (SDN-A™) technology re currently in development. Please contact us for more information.

Custom Executive Communications Solutions

We design and develop our IP networking and communications solutions from the PCB and firmware up, which allows us to provide custom solutions that meet all your requirements.

We are passionate about building technology that meets the unique situational demands of executive and first-in communicators. We leverage our design engineering agility and strong intellectual property to design, develop, and produce custom products, often in 180 days or less.

Whether you need a modification to an existing solution or are interested in custom packaging, we will work with you to deliver the perfect solution for you.

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