Router Operating System

Sub U Systems IP Routers run our “IAS Router Operating System” or IAS ROS as we refer to it. It is our proprietary operating system, and it is what makes our appliances so unique. IAS ROS offers diverse capabilities not found in commercial off the shelf (COTS) IP networking equipment.

Our ROS is a product of over tens of thousands of engineering working hours to provide you with the most secure, robust, technology agile IP networking solution. We bring together the best IP networking capabilities, protocols, and security functionality to ensure your critical and sensitive data is kept secure.

Software Definable Networking Appliances™ (SDN-A™)

Sub U Systems brings Software Definable Networking (SDN) technologies to the network edge by way of our Software Definable Networking Appliances (SDN-A).

SDN-As are software vendor-agnostic as they are entirely software programable. They can run most software-based IP networking virtual machine (VM) and application VM technologies.

SDN-As can run one or many VMs on a single piece of hardware. This capability means more functionality in smaller solutions.