Software Definable Network-Appliances™ (SDN-A™)

Sub U Systems brings Software Definable Networking (SDN) technologies to the network edge by way of our Software Definable Networking Appliances™ (SDN-A™).

We are experts in hardware technologies, virtualization technologies, software-based networking appliances, and how all of these technologies intertwine. After twelve years of extensive work with these technologies, we launched a family of products we refer to as “Software Definable Networking Appliances.”

SDN-As are highly portable, robust, software programable communications solutions enabling access to secure, classified voice, data, and video services over a multitude of commercial network technologies (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, MANET, Satcom, etc.) from even the most remote locations.

SDN-A devices look and function like small form factor IP Routers designed for tactical applications. They are also robust Virtual Machine (VM) servers at their core. Based on Intel x86 processors, Intel Ethernet controllers, and other industrial-based components, SDN-As deliver the performance of traditional enterprise-class virtual machine server hardware.


SDN-As are software vendor-agnostic as they are entirely software programable. They can run most software-based IP networking virtual machine (VM) and application VM technologies.

SDN-As can run one or many VMs on a single piece of hardware. This means more functionality in smaller solutions.

The bulk of commercial enterprise-class IP networking appliance companies offer software-based virtual machine network appliance solutions, including Aruba Networks, Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, etc. Additionally, a single hardware appliance can fill the role of several networking appliances (router, firewall, IDS/IPS, etc.) based on the software loaded.

Benefits of SDN-A

Lower SWaP – SDN-As can run one or many VMs on a single piece of hardware. Instead of carrying a separate router, computer, firewall, etc., you can run them all as software on one appliance.

Vendor Flexibility – SDN-A solutions allow you to change IP networking appliance vendors while keeping the same hardware. You can transition from one vendor to another, or one requirement to another by updating the firmware installed.

Non-Traditional Applications – We have partnered with several commercial companies to bring their cloud-based solutions to our SDN-A products. Capabilities include Radio over IP (RoIP), SATCOM modems, video encoders, and more.

Interoperable – SDN-A hardware is software appliance agnostic and because most software appliance companies are standards complaint, IAS SDN-A solutions will be able to interoperate with and be compatible with current and future network topologies

Logistics – Instead of stocking many different hardware appliances, you can stock one and load it with the software best suited for your application or mission. 

Training – Training is simplified, as fewer hardware variants are required for complex solutions.

Future Proof

SDN-As are available in many form factors, from board-level embeddable modules to 1U and 2U rack-mount appliances. In addition to supporting today’s software-based IP networking technologies, all SDN-As have enough processing power and performance for impending 5G use cases and beyond.

Our products are not subject to commercial market product lifecycles. We design, develop, manufacture, and sustain our hardware and software in-house. Therefore, we are in complete control of a product’s availability and sustainability lifecycle. You can deploy SDN-A solutions with confidence that they will be supported for many years to come.